About Us

Pearls Center is the only company in Greece specializing in authentic Pearls at wholesale prices. In our company you may also find collections of ready to wear jewellery with Pearls and Diamonds. We are constantly enriching our collections with 14 and 18 carat Gold jewellery and authentic Pearls. On the other hand if you desire something different, a unique piece of jewellery, Pearls Center can make this dream come true. You can choose the Pearl of your dreams and in collaboration with our designers, we can create exceptional jewellery exclusively for you, highlighting the uniqueness of the Pearl and your personality.

In our workshop and combining the traditional techniques of jewellery making and the modern technology offered by 3D Printing, we can create timeless and modern jewellery that can be worn at all times. We are constantly experimenting with new materials such as titanium, in order to add modern designs with real authentic Pearls that are considered to be pieces of art, next to our classic collections.
At Pearls Center our biggest reward we receive every day is the opportunity to be part of the happy moments that our customers enjoy. Either engagement or wedding gifts, anniversaries and birthdays, or just gifts to help you create lifelong memories. We are proud to be part of this process and we fully understand the responsibility we have been entrusted with, to create these timeless jewels.


Pearls Center attaches great importance to environmental protection and natural resources. As a member of Australian South Seas Pearls, we work exclusively with producers who share the same principles and concerns with us.

South Sea Pearls are cultivated in excellent cooperation with nature. Pearling Code of Practise ensures that their production will cause the least possible disturbance to their natural habitat. Stretching from the Cobourg Peninsula northeast of Darwin to Dampier in Western Australia their pristine environment has not been affected by pollution. These areas provide the optimal conditions for pinctada maxima to produce the best Pearls in the world. Many of the farms are located in or near national parks, water parks and Aboriginal lands. The Pearl Producers we collaborate with exceed even the most strict requirements of Australian Environmental Sustainability and Biodiversity Conservation Law.
As a result of the good system and the existence of an isolated and pristine environment, Australia now has the last natural oyster farms in the world. Because of these strict environmental balance measures, Australia’s natural Pearl Farms have been untouched by human overexploitation for more than a century. With careful management of wild oyster and water, environmental responsibility has always been an integral part of Australian producers. It is no coincidence that even today the highest quality natural pearls in the world are discovered there.