Japanese Akoya Pearls

If you are thinking of Pearl Earrings or an elegant Pearl Necklace, then Japanese Akoya Pearls are undoubtedly the best and most popular choice.

This variety of Pearls are being produced from the Akoya Pearl Oyster found mainly in Japan and the tropics of Southeast Asia. Akoya Japanese Pearls are shiny and their color ranges between white, silver and cream.

Although Akoya pearls may look surprisingly similar in appearance to freshwater pearls, they are very different when compared to each other. Akoya pearls are famous for their incredible shine and are considered to be as classic pearls. They are smoother and rounder than freshwater pearls.

Japanese Akoya Pearls

Due to high demand and lack of natural pearls, Japanese producers in the beginning of the 20th century explored alternative methods of cultivation of pearls bearing oysters. The first cultivated natural pearls made their appearance in the jewellery -store showcases in the middle of the 1920s. Cultivating methods advanced over the past decades thus making these Pearls well known to the world. However, even today their cultivation is extremely difficult and requires monitored production conditions.

Our Company with the exclusivity agreements with our farms in Nagasaki and Kumamoto Japan, has secured the supply of the Greek market with highest possible quality of pearls in the lowest possible prices.