The Pearls Room


Kastellorizo, Castellorizo, or Kazzie as people like to call it, is located at the Aegean Sea, at the furthest distance from Greece but at the Heart of Every Greek. In 1918 a young man named Nick Paspaley left the island among others to chase after his dreams in Australia. Kastellorizians thrived in every part of Australia and with every endeavour they undertook. Both the Paspaley and Kailis families, originating from Kazzie were the major shareholders in this mysterious and amazing industry of Pearls. One century later, Pearls came back to Kazzie with this shop. The Pearls Room Kastellorizo introduces the best samples of Australian South Sea pearls and the top of Greek jewellery workmanship since all of our Jewels are made in house at our workshops in Athens by top skilled Greek artisans and designers.

Any visitor coming to Kastellorizo may come to the Pearls Room Kastellorizo and explore the mystic world of pearls and sparkle of diamonds. Pearls Center, based in Athens Greece moves to Kastellorizo for the summer opening, honoring these great men and completing the project they bravely started.