Fresh Water Pearls

Round and sleek cultured Fresh Water Pearls are an excellent, affordable gift with the highest quality.

Unlike rice-shaped Fresh Water Pearls, these Pearls are mostly round and look similar to Akoya Japanese Pearls when worn, but are available to a more affordable price.

Most fresh water pearls are produced in Japan, China and United States. Cultivation of these Pearls is a complex process, producing many pearls in each harvest. We offer these exceptional value pearls either individually or set with 14K or 18K gold jewellery.

Fresh water pearls can be created in a great range of colors. Many popular colors – white, pink, orange and other pastels – can be achieved by natural means, such as genetics of pearls, feeding process and the amount and type of trace elements in the farm cultivated.

Fresh Water Pearls

One widely accepted alternative processing practice is to irradiate freshwater pearls in order to achieve a distinctive or unusual color. Also it is oftenly used to create a more uniform color. The colors of pearls should always be chosen according to the skin and the outfit of the client.