South Sea Pearls

At Pearls Center you can be sure that you will find the variety and quality of Pearls you desire. For this purpose, we searched for the best Pearl producers in the world and created timeless partnerships, which provide our customers with high quality Pearls at wholesale prices.

Reward of our effort is that we are the only Greek company member of the Australian South Seas Pearl Organization. An organization that aims to provide the best quality service to its customers and the continuous effort of increasing environmental awareness in the field of jewellery.

The production of natural beauty pearls without artificial methods requires agricultural practices that mimic the natural life of the oyster as closely as possible. For more than 50 years, Australian pearl growers have been trying to figure out the secret behind Pinctada Maxima’s ability to produce high quality natural pearls.

That is why South Sea pearls are considered to be the rarest pearls because of their size, color and brilliance. They originate from the Pinctada Maxima shell and are cultivated in the South Sea zones that stretche from Northern Australia, Indonesia and the Philippines to the northern coast of Myanmar.

South Sea Pearls

The pearl shell that produces the high quality South Sea Pearls is divided into the “White-Lip” which lives on the northern coast of Australia and the “Golden-Lip” which lives in the seas of Indonesia, the Philippines and Myanmar.

Pearls Center’s white South Seas pearls come from farms on the island of Domel in the North Sea of Myanmar and in Darwin, Australia, an unspoiled by human touch environment known for its frequent tides. Our gold pearls come from farms in the Amami Oshima Islands of southern Japan.